Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy 4th Barkday!!!!

The "Barkday Girl"
 Hard to believe our favorite girl is 4 today and we brought her home 3.5 years ago! (It seems so much longer than that! HA!) But, I digress... ;-] So here are a bunch of my favorite photos of our princess...

One Day Old

The pic that made me fall in love... ;-]
Doin' what she does best with her mama!
Funny long-dog. ;-]
Finally, our LOL dog-in-training! heh
Love our Reeser - she really lights up our lives. Can't imagine not having her in our family. Thanks to Diana Mann at Fernbriar and Marla Gardner at CardiRidge for allowing us to bring her home with us that fateful day in November 2007. =]


  1. Happy Barkday, Reeser! I know you've had a great barkday, just because you are such a nice puppy! G'pa and I are so happy you came to live with Ashley and Ryan!

  2. Happy 4th birthday to Reese! I can totally see why you wanted her; her markings are stunning. I LOVE the shot of her howling in front of her mama.

    JF's dad (Sam) lived with Marla when he first got to the states. She brought him over from Finland.:O

  3. That howling shot is so her. When we went to pick her up, she ran in with the other 6 dogs or so from the adjoining room to greet us, barking louder and more often than any of the rest of the them. Ryan later told me he thought to himself, "Please tell me we're not taking home the one that's barking like mad!" hahahaha

    She had actually been adopted originally by a family who wanted to show her, but she didn't develop the way they were hoping. So, we got a great pup that was already house-trained, etc. at 5 months old. We weren't too sad we missed the early puppy stages after we realized how nice it was not to have ONE SINGLE accident in our house with her. heh

    Wow, small world eh? Glad Marla has been there for us or else we might not have these great pooches. ;-]

    Anywho - thanks for the comments! =]

  4. Belated Barkday Wishes from Walt! He told me the other day he misses Reece(that was after Peterman beat the snot out of him!). He also hinted that anytime Reece wants to come and play with his duckies, she's more then welcome!