Wednesday, April 06, 2011

...Like buttah!

Ryan came across a really...interesting video the other day. It is a guy showing us how to make butter from real cream, and I admit it...I was totally up for trying it out cuz it just sounds so wonderful. I love butter! REAL butter, that is.

Here's the video...see for yourself!

And, after a few days of trying to remind ourselves to set the cream out at a reasonable time so we would be able to work with it 12 hours later, we did it!! WE MADE BUTTER! I dunno why, but I just feel so good about myself knowing that I can do something like that. I love to create, and I strive to do things naturally when possible. Plus, it's just so simple. Simple enough that you can't really make any excuse about being lazy. We used an empty pickle jar. No - the butter did not taste or smell like pickles...but I'm surprised, to be honest, because the lid still had a faint pickle smell in the rim. =]

Here are some pictures of our adventure with butter-making!
Shaking it up!
The results of shaking for 3 minutes
See the butter "globules" and buttermilk are separated now...
straining out the buttermilk and rinsing the butter with cold water
Glorious, beautiful, enchanting...butter! ;-]
And of course, the highlight - we melted it onto our freshly steamed veggies for dinner right after it was finished! YUM!!
Now you wanna give it a try, don't ya?! It's worth me! The texture is so light and fluffy...way better than the stick brick. And, if you rinse the buttermilk off really well with cold water before you store the butter, it keeps quite a while.



  1. You're like Little House on the Prairie! Now go pluck me a chicken. And add 12 secret spices.

  2. I've done that before! (Living in VA, near where the colonists settled, all schooled children learn how to make butter in Kindergarten, right before Thanksgiving.)

    I prefer to add a little salt and then use it as dip for a freshly baked loaf of white bread (which is why I can NEVER make my own butter). :)

  3. @S.L - Yes, ma'am! ;-] It's all Ryan's doing.

    @Elizabeth - That freshly baked bread with freshly made butter sounds heavenly! *drool*