Saturday, April 09, 2011

What a way to end a long day @ work...

With two happy-to-see-me corgis! =]  Happy Saturday Blog-Hop!

they demand that I get down on their level and lavish them with love...

...and I'm not complaining one bit. =]


  1. Mine wish I'd get on their level (read floor) a bit more. They'd lie on my lap all day, if I allowed it.

    So sweet! Walt looks so big. Is he big?

  2. E - Yeah, they whine and stare at me until I put all my stuff down and give them some attention. Reese will get downright grumpy about it and start rooing at me under her breath if I don't. haha

    Walt IS going to be a big boy! He's almost 8 months and 35.4lbs - already bigger than Reese (who's 32lbs). He has a massive head, neck, and paws already, so I can't wait to see him at full grown size. He eats about twice as much as Reese too! haha