Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moving fun

We have been packing/moving fools this weekend. Got the okay from the bank and we are on our way outta here! Made a couple of trips to the storage unit and did a lot more packing. Hopefully we will be living in the new place by next weekend. As a result, posts will be few and far between in the coming few weeks or so. Please bear with us, we will be back! (And, if you wouldn't mind crossing your fingers for great moving weather for us, I'd be ever-thankful! Iowa is famous for being finicky in spring!) =] 

Without further are some pics as proof that we must enlist the help of our fur herd to make this move somewhat fun...=]

Cats like views from on high. So, we thought maybe the dogs would like a good view too.
Reese is calm. Walt = not quite sure!
On alert.

She's an old pro. Very patient with us while we get our kicks with the camera. ;-]
Walt sez, "Ha! See, I have a sense of humor too."
Everybody smile for the camera! Wait, where's the Loki?

Ah Ha! He was hiding, so we "helped" him join the fun.
Loki not amused. =|
*pouty face*
They are such good sports, don'tcha think?! 


  1. Moving stinks. :( Hope everything goes well.

    Whenever I moved somewhere growing up (which was a lot), my cat(s) always got on the mattress, then box spring and one cat even sat on the bed frame. They were afraid we'd forget them, I guess. ;) I'm still amazed at how nice your cats and dogs behave with each other.

  2. Ah yes, moving does sucketh indeed. We are taking our time though, which helps! I sometimes wonder if our brilliant idea to do it all on our own a little at a time in order to save money on a moving truck/company/etc; is really worth our sanity (and, sometimes, our marriage!). ;-]

    The cats just go bonkers whenever we change stuff around. As soon as the mattress and box spring were flipped up onto the wall to be moved, Titus and Sulley were perched happily on top of them! Loki was too...but we didn't catch him at the right moment. The dogs were perplexed about what was going on (why is there so much CHANGE?!?!)...and maybe a tad upset the cats were so far out of their reach. It was pretty funny to see their expressions when we lifted them up for their own experience.

    The facade of friendliness you see here is not the usual! lol Loki avoids the dogs at all costs for the most part (curse those wagging tails that like to slap him in his face!). He does get a bit affectionate though if a dog is just laying nicely on the floor (no tail-wagging of course) and will go up and sniff/rub on their head. Titus also avoids the dogs when he can, but he does get tugged on sometimes. He just takes it though. Sulley streaks through the house to entice the dogs to chase him - and they oblige. Walt will whine at him because he's not sure what to do about him...but they aren't quick enough to actually catch him. He rubs up on the dogs a lot too...he actually likes them and is not averse to sharing his personal space with them. lol