Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Lazy dog days

It's a hard life being Reese and Walt. Have a look-see at the evidence...

Yes, they're on the guest bed and Reese is on guard watch
Walt sez "No flash please."
"Oh fine, I'll just hide my face..."
"Hope she doesn't mind..."
"What? Creeper..."
*such a hard life*
They're not sleeping...just resting their eyes. ;-]


  1. Aw! They look like great friends (she even lets him get up in her business - hee). And I LOVE the last shot; side sleeping just accentuates their rediculously adorable stubby legs. :)

  2. Oh my Walt puppy isn't puppy sized anymore! Thanks for all the hard work you've done with him whilest he's been at Camp Lynch! I can not wait to see him in a couple of weeks, neither can Charlie!

  3. @Elizabeth - Yes, she is quite tolerant of him (likes him even)! haha I've caught her actually choosing to lay next to him when they're all tuckered out. So different from the solitary girl she usually is. I love the stubbiness of their legs too! heh

    @Cindy - You are more than welcome. Actually, thank YOU for letting us enjoy him for a while. =] Such a sweetie. He is DEFINITELY not puppy sized anymore, though he thinks he is! =] It just tickles me to death when he acts like a goober and throws that big boy body around in all his uncoordinated glory...what a big lug! I bet he will just whimper with joy to see you guys again!