Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ultimate dog tease

Poor blog readers. You POOR, poor things. I know you all miss us... Your nights of longingly clicking on our page with glee building up inside your bellies from the idea that you might find entertainment in the silly antics of our fur-herd or one of Ryan's funny videos, only to have your hopes dashed beyond recognition because we haven't updated the blog in weeks, will soon be over. Not quite what you feel when you click on our blog only to find that we are being very lazy lately? Well, at least humor me. ;-]

We miss you too! I'm dying to get some posts up; my idea list keeps getting longer as the days go by. Rest assured that there will be many fun/amusing posts to come in the near future because we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel! We signed the papers tonight to close on the sale of our house and we have pretty much unpacked everything after moving into the new place. There's less work to do now, so I will finally have time to fill my nights with fun stuff instead of feeling like an overworked elf on Christmas Eve at 10 pm. =]

To tide you over for a little while longer....please watch this amusing video that Ryan found tonight. It made me laugh cuz you just KNOW that is probably what is going through a dog's mind when we talk about stuff they love! ;-]

1 comment:

  1. You can't imagine the burning glee I felt when I saw your post in Google Reader! (Kay, maybe not burning, per se. But there was some glee.) :)

    Glad the move is winding down and looking forward to more blog action from the fur herd.

    LOVE the video!