Monday, May 23, 2011

Cool and comfy for summer

Ok, so this post is not dog-related. Sorry if that's all you tune in for. I do like to feature Reese as the main attraction, but this is just too good to not post!

Loki is no longer Maximus Fluffimus for the summer! See his reaction to this new cut below...


You should know a little more 'bout the Lok-ster to fully appreciate this clip. He will be 5 years old in a week. His coat has always been longer than his brother's. By the age of 3-4, a Ragdoll's coat should be fully filled in - what you see is what you get, right? Well, we thought so. The really great thing about a Ragdoll's coat is how bunny-soft it is and how it doesn't mat because it has no undercoat. We barely ever needed to brush the two boys because their coats were very low maintenance. Titus has a shorter coat and it has never matted. Now, Loki's has always been longer, but it's never matted until this last 6 months or so. I just couldn't keep up with it. It kept growing and growing, and no matter how much I brushed him, it would always ball up under his armpit area. He hated having to go through wrestling matches with me and the brush. I admit, we even laughed sometimes, because when he tried to lick his chest, his "mane" got in the way and by the time his tongue got to the end, the hair was still stuck to it and he had a heck of a time spitting hair out of his mouth constantly. Poor guy!

We finally took pity on him when we moved and realized how it was getting warmer, and how he just looked even more miserable as his coat was growing what seemed like constantly (and the mats were getting worse by the day). I called the groomer up and they said they only do lion cuts. Figures. We'd always laughed at how silly those cats looked, but there was no other choice at this point. Poor Loki.

The minute he got home from his grooming session, he started acting like he owned the place (well, he's part owner anyway, but this was just NOT like him)! You should have see him! This perpetual wallflower strutted around the house like he was the bee's knees.The other cats were horrified. Who was this intruder who smelled all perfumey and looked unlike any cat they'd ever seen? They hissed and growled when he came their way, but Loki paid no mind to these nay sayers. Normally, he would've been cowed into a corner or retreated to a dark room if the other cats had behaved toward him this way. Not anymore.

I am so happy for the big guy cuz he is so much happier than he's ever been. I just wish we'd thought of this about 2 years ago cuz he's always acted hot in the warmer months. Side note: I realize now why he acted this way all those years though...even with his hair so short, you STILL cannot see his skin if you try parting the's so dense it's unbelievable. And, he's not nearly as fat as he always!


  1. Oh my! Loki does act mighty pleased about his new "do". So funny. He's still handsome, even as a lion. Will the coat grow all the way back by next summer?

  2. We got used to the lion look really suits him. =] I'm not sure how fast it will grow back to be honest...but I won't complain (and neither will he) if it takes its sweet time coming back in. I was worried it might grow back in a weird texture or something, but we had to do it anyway. Worth the risk in my opinion. A friend of mine who has her fluffy boy shaved like this each summer has to do it a couple times a year I think. So, we'll see!