Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me from A to Z...simple as Do, Rei, Mi. (Yes, I'm a simple creature folks!)

Ok, so a reeeallly long, long, time ago (and over the hills and through the woods we go), after reading her blog post with all kinds of good tid bits, I told Elizabeth over at Chronicles of Cardigan that I'd share some juicy details of my own. So, here goes it! 

A. Age: hahaha...I'm 27. Yes, but I feel like more of a mother hen around here than my age would suggest. ;-]

B. Bed Size: Queen, unfortunately. Gotta get that king size someday!

C. Chore I Dislike: Cleaning cat litter boxes. And, doing dishes by hand. Yuck. I actually like some chores. (I'm sick, I know!) I think they make a pill for that. =P

D. Dogs or Cats?: Dogs - 1, Cats - 3 (Like Elizabeth, I was a cat person first. heh)

E. Essential Start to My Day:  Shower. No other choice. MUST shower.

F. Favorite Color: A nice, bright orange. However, this changes with my moods as I'm an artist!

G. Gold or Silver: I've been more of a fan of silver lately, with turquoise.

H. Height: bout 5'6''

I. Instruments I Play: I played saxophone for a year in 5th grade, then I got headaches from practicing, so had to quit. =[

J. Job Title: I work for the feds and help veterans on a daily basis. Really. A long shot from what I went to school to be: a relationship/sex therapist. I got burned out after my first four years of school, so grad school just didn't hold its appeal any longer so I joined the adults in the working world instead.

K. Kids: Hopefully two. (Don't have any yet) =]

L. Live: In a house, in Iowa. Originally from Illinois.

M. Most attractive feature: Hmm, I didn't want to put my mom's maiden name like Elizabeth (she said she changed it to suit herself). So, I changed this to be one of those other "standard" questionnaire inquiries. I'd have to say my hands. LOL

N. Nicknames: Umm I don't really have one, but my dad calls me A-Nate' (pronounced "nuh-tay") It's my middle name, like after the perfume.

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: Yes 3 occasions: twice for carbon monoxide poisoning; once for gallbladder removal (cholescystectomy, or something like that).

P. Pet Peeve: Public speakers that say "umm" a lot, liars, a messy house, people who spit with reckless abandon. *shudders* Ew.

Q. Quote from a Movie: "Mock-Yeah; Ing-Yeah; Bird-Yeah! Mocking bird, everybody, have you heard? She's gonna buy me a mockin' bird." Ok, not the same effect as the movie...but it's from Dumb and Dumber. Best ever; and, the only thing I could come up with on the spot here.

R. Right- or Left-handed: Right.

S. Siblings: Yes, a younger sister.

T. Time I Wake Up: 5:08 a.m. on weekdays; 9-10 a.m. on weekends.

U. Underwear: I like the string bikini kind. Too much information?

V. (No one else did 'V', so I'm making one up.) Vacation Wish: Ooh, Irish getaway with horseback riding through the green, green hills. Or, Australia visit to Sydney, etc... PLEAAAASE?

W. What Makes Me Run Late?: Usually my husband not listening to me as I list the things that need to get accomplished before we leave the house, so I have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off to do them myself. Then, he blames it on me. *sigh*

X. X-rays: My right arm, right ankle, teeth. I broke my right radius as a kid, and recently rolled my right ankle. Who hasn't had dental x-rays? I got braces at 23 years old! So fun. Not.

Y. Yummy Food I Make: You ain't had good food til you've tried my home cookin'! *said in the best Southern accent I can muster* I love to cook!

Z. Zoo - Fave Animal: Toughie. I am not sure on this one. Animals are so cool...probably horses cuz they're so beautiful and fun to ride. =]

27th Letter (yet to be designated): ? Hmm, If you caught my spit comment above, you may be wondering what is up with that. I have a bit of a spit phobia. Ewwww. Long story - goes back to high school and watching a brother/sister fight at a friend's house and seeing (in slow motion) spit fly from his mouth into her mouth (inadvertently of course). DIS-GUST-ING. I have to go wash my hands now. ;-]

Ok, I hope I have satiated your lust for personal information about me! heh. Please feel free to re-post this and share you own! Don't we humans just love that little glimpse into peoples' personal lives? We're such voyeurs at heart. ;-]


  1. Hmmm, interesting job facts. :) And, yeah, after I published my mom's maiden name, I thought to myself, why the heck did you do that?! Isn't that the "hint" question for like every forgotten password? (well, not mine...anymore)

    If I'm a voyeur, does that make you a flasher? :) hee hee

  2. I know, right?! I'm so all over the place with interests...like from each end of the spectrum. For instance, I love tattoos, art, and being expressive; but I like to belly up to the desk and play computer games on nerd-rage nights with my husband and his friends too! haha

    Dunno bout being a "flasher," but I am definitely a bit of an exhibitionist at times. ;-] (I have tattoos I like to show off when given the chance!)

    The security question issue was the first thing I thought of! LOL I'm sorry you had to change your settings for that stuff! Too funny though.

  3. in regards to the girl who is making my picture. On facebook her name is Jamie Harlan
    here's a link to her: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000153457493 just drop her an e-mail and just let her know that you know me.