Monday, June 20, 2011


So this post is a little late, but we did go Morel mushroom "hunting" this spring. It was a blast, as always. And, we didn't get skunked this year! We came across a little hill with a whole bunch of 'em and came away with a grocery sack full. Yum. Here are some pics from the day and I will do another post with the delicioso chicken mushroom dish I make with those delectable little morsels!

Over the hills and through the woods.

Reese leading the way

Looking here...
and looking there...
Any in there?

Ooh, think we found one!
What a beaut!
Kevin got credit for the first find!
Reese checking the pond...just in case.
A picturesque walk at least.
It's just fun to wander in the woods
Muddy girl
Back to the truck after our second attempt.

The gang reflecting on the days' find and reminiscing.

The best part? No ticks! Woo hoo! It's pretty amazing to get through the woods in the spring ti
me without any of those darn things stuck to ya. Stay tuned for an awesome chicken and mushroom pasta recipe!


  1. I've never heard of those mushrooms; are they expensive in the grocery store? I can't help but compare to pigs sniffing out truffles in France. :) Truffles are very expensive.

    I bet your chicken dish is good!

  2. I took a Shortcut to Mushrooms, for sure!

  3. @ Elizabeth - Yes! Sorry I took so long getting back to you on this! They are expensive in the grocery store...if you can find them. They only grow in the early spring when the conditions are just right. And, they don't always grow in the same areas. They're very elusive for fungus. ;-]

    You should totally try the chicken mushroom dish out and let me know what you think of it!