Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to the Thunderdome!

Since it is Valentine's Day, my romantic husband got me tulips and a bag of live crickets as a gift. =) Awww. Ok, the crickets were for the animals (and cuz we find it amusing to watch them engage their predatory instincts). Here are pictures of what ensued...(Yes, they are in the way to keep rogue crickets from becoming annoying nighttime chirpers.)

The crickets are surrounded! The cats are deciding whether they can "take" them...
All in!

The first couple of crickets you see here did not entertain the cats very well. Alas, our kitties are not the greatest hunters...or at least they need more practice with it. So, we called in reinforcements to take care of the invading cricket population...

What's this?! [cricket is the small brown thing in front of her nose]


I think that went well. =)

Mmmm...Can I haz anuder?

Reese is our resident bug-killer. She will push the cats out of the way with reckless abandon to attack any intruding insect or arachnid that they see in the house or outside. The cats are great at catching moths, flies, spiders, etc....but crickets must not be their thing. Oh well - we know who to summon to take care of the rest of the Valentine's crickets I guess. =)

Now - just some fun pictures because they're cute.

Another stuffed sink shot.
A rare sight.
 The cats allowed her to join them on the guest bed. Notice that she didn't push her luck to get the prime spot. heh

Naughty baddog up on guest bed.
She got the prime spot this time though!
I'm sensing a theme here...
Smile! It's Valentine's Day! =^ >



  1. Reese has the right idea, just soak up the sun!

  2. We have a stink bug boom going on in Virginia (yes, gross) and they get into our house. My cats ignore them and the dogs just sniff them until they flip over helpless on their backs (EW) and then I have to off them (in toilet bowl) so they don't get all stinky...:( I'll trade 'ya.

  3. Aww, Elizabeth! That sucks. Stinkbugs are no fun. Sully has had a bad experience with them, so he cautiously explores new bugs as if they could be another stink bug! Apparently their natural defenses work! ha! I'm glad our cricket "invasion" was self-inflicted. Don't know what I'd do if we actually got an infestation of crickets. I guess we are safe cuz we have the cricket terminator (aka Reese). =)