Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some good pics

So we got a little card adapter thingymajig that allows us to take the pictures off of Ryan's phone and put them straight onto the computer instead of having to email them to myself (and the long, arduous process of saving them, resizing, etc. that ensues). I had previously posted some pics that weren't of the best quality, so I wanted to re-post them as they were meant to be seen. There are also some new ones that I didn't have the patience to email to myself before too.

Reese with the kitties in the guest room.
This one's new - That is Jon teaching me how to cut! ha
Yay! I made it to the bottom of the bunny hill. ha
Remember this? I wiped out under that tree. =)
This one was fuzzy and small before - at the top of the hill.
Ha - my first-aid station appearance.
New one. Ry & me...just takin a break in the chalet.

The blanket wasn't enough.
That blur? The Reeser molesting her boyfriend Jon.
Yep, she climbed up and over the couch cuz she was so excited to see him. =) Goofy girl.

Reese and Walt thought my lap looked empty.
I just love this one of Loki. He looks so regal.
Sulley's cocoon.
Hmm, I guess that works.
I hate having my pic taken.
Again with the "snow puma." Fits him well, no?

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