Monday, February 07, 2011

Ski trip!

We went with some friends to Afton Alps in Minnesota over the weekend for some skiing. Fun (and some sore joints/muscles) was had by all and it was a great time away from the daily grind. This was my second-ever time skiing. Of course my first time was last year here in Des Moines at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park (which doesn't really qualify as real skiing in my opinion after getting to see what Afton Alps was like). I learned a lot...and can't wait to go again when we get the money/time.
Yay! Skiing! Oh how naive...

Yep...that is me wiped out under the tree. Yay for learning!

Jon says, "This is me skiing yo!"
Ahhh, our first refreshment at the chalet on day 1. (me, Jon, and Kevin)

Kelly and Nick decided to take a break from snowboarding and join us.

Kevin, Nick, and Kelly

Ry and me

Happy to be on vacay.
Fun in the chalet watching the Super Bowl. Nick looks like he's bout to take Kevin out...hehe Creeper.

Dunno why the pic is so blurry...but this is me after getting off a lift getting ready to head down a hill.

Action shot of Nick on his board!
Yep, that's me at the first aid station. The result of day one: concussion. Hey - at least it was at the END of an otherwise fun-filled day. =)
Don't worry. I'm fine! =) They gave me oxygen and all the funny lights I was seeing went away almost immediately. I did twist my right knee pretty bad the next day though. (No, I hadn't had enough torture and wanted to go back out!) On the upside, day 2 was way more fun cuz I stuck to the easier hills (and fell less!) for most of the day and spent a lot of time watching the Super Bowl in the chalet. Downside = Steelers did not win the Super Bowl. =( We went back to the hotel and hung out in the hot tub, then chilled in our hotel rooms til we couldn't keep our eyes open any more. Excited to go back again soon hopefully.



  1. I took that power nap around 11 or so, then Nick and I sat up till about who knows when after that laughing at the insane TV you get late night on a Sunday. Thanks, Booze and bar food!

    Even though I spent a grand total of about 5 minutes on skis before it became clear that I was going to lose a foot if I didn't take those damn boots off, I still had a great time this weekend!