Monday, February 21, 2011

Dance of the Dwarves

Introducing....Reese and her new buddy Walt from the "Dirty Dozen" litter over at Foggy Bottom (aka Random thoughts on random things)!

We picked Walt up from Cindy and her crew at the Des Moines dog show this weekend for a much-needed respite from his brother Charlie. Hoping he will enjoy his stay for a couple months whilst he learns to be a little more independent while apart from his brother! When we introduced him to Reese, they instantly hit it off and it's been so fun watching them interact. Now, Reese is almost 4...and Walt is only 6 months, yet he is nearly as big as she is! His paws are HUGE! He will be a good-sized dog when he grows into himself. The funniest thing is watching all that size try to coordinate itself with all that puppy-energy to try and keep up with the Reeser! haha....too funny for words. Luckily, Ryan was home "dog-watching" Saturday night while I hung out with friends and fellow dog-bloggers at a chili supper at the Mummes' house and grabbed his camera phone to catch these two really enjoying themselves on their first night together. Note: Just imagine this video on repeat mode about 10 times a day! =)

Unfortunately, I was only able to upload snippets. We're trying to figure out how to use (free) video editing software to make one long video because the clips his phone takes are so short. I have about 8 of these in sequence showing how long they went about it! Anywho - you get the picture!

Now for some stills....cuz they're just so darn photogenic!

Trying to figure out where his dog-nappers have brought him.

Such a beautiful head.
Great profile.

Hai handsome!
Pretty much captures his personality. =)
Stick hunting
Look ma! I caught one for ya!
He honed in on the best spot of the couch real quick-like!

Reese says she'll let him enjoy her spot for a while...but she won't like it!
That can't be comfortable.
New toy = great pillow
New toy we got at Petco yesterday. Supposed to be indestructible. We shall see!
Oy! Long day!

I think we will get along pretty well. Thanks Cindy for letting us keep him for a little while! We're really enjoying him a bunch (as you can tell!).



  1. Thanks so much for taking Walt for awhile. The big lug is being missed around here, especially his inability to coordinate his front with his rear :) Hugs to Reece--she's got a lot of work ahead of her!

  2. AW! What a doll Walt is. :) Reese looks like she's having the time of her life in the second video.
    Can't wait to find out how life changes for you with the second "dwarf."

  3. Oh yeah, the corgi "scoot" is present in that second video! haha She is really enjoying Walt's company, no doubt about it!