Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop: This picture deserves its own post.

First off, let me give you a little back story...

The cats were being extra annoying all week around Thanksgiving last year (yes, these pictures are kinda old). See - they like to be little furry buttheads in the morning if their food bowls are empty. When we finally got annoyed enough to get outta bed and look, sure enough - their food bowls were empty. How could that be? Each night we had filled the food bowls with their allotted food because we know how annoying they are in the mornings when they are empty. It just did not add up. They don't go through food that fast. Begrudginly (cuz we were hoping this wasn't going to be a trend and we were hopefully not going to end up with tub-o-lard sized kitties), we filled the bowls up again and went to take our showers.

Har, har, har. I know what you're thinking...but, we DID NOT set these shots up.

Ryan got done with his shower first and came through the family room on his way to the bedroom. I hear him laugh out loud and yell, "You gotta see this!" I come running around the corner and Reese was happy as a clam on the TOP tier of the cat tree, cocking her head and wagging her tail with such self-satisfaction and gloating on her face it was hard not to erupt in hysterics. So...seems we had a cat-food vacuum infiltrating the [supposedly dog-proof] feeding stations on their cat tree. We figured she must've jumped from the recliner to the side table and onto the cat tree with ease. Needless to say, we moved the end-table to the other side of the recliner after this episode. All of a sudden, the cat-harrassment and empty-bowl drama cleared itself up. =->



  1. That's a funny story! This is one dog who really should be signed up for agility lessons!

  2. Reese is a smart girl. :) So funny.

  3. Taryn - I think Reese would love agility lessons! If I had the money and time, it'd be a regular thing to do with her and hopefully we can someday. She's obviously not afraid of the heights...little mountain goat that she is! heh It scares me how smart she is sometimes. =-]

  4. too funny! can't underestimate them, huh?

  5. Nice to see The Herd on the Hop! Have fun. :)
    Elizabeth, Jon Farleigh, Dewi, Charlie, Tigger, Eva and Lulabelle