Monday, January 31, 2011

Pics from last week

The fur herd in every-day glory. Enjoy!

I interrupted some bathtub play-time

What IS she doing? the living room...

That is the largest hairball we've found in the drain yet... =)

"Why do you always have to go and ruin our fun with that stupid flashy thing?"

Taking a break from her watch post at the picture window.

It's a dog's life I tells ya! A big mamasan chair all to herself!

Another HUGE hairball in the drain...

Oh wait - it's just Loki! Hai bubs!

While I'm trying to snap pics, Sulley is literally BEGGING to be picked up and snuggled.

Another angle. How DOES he do it folks?!

Titus wants to witness how the amazing Loki manages to remove himself from this tight spot.

"Meh. On second thought, I'll just hang out a while longer. *sigh*"


"Oh geesh, not that stupid flashy thing again."

Titus wants to show off his mad skillz on the scratch post.

"See, I've got this twist like this..."

"...and push off with your back feet, like this."

"What's going on down there and why isn't there food involved?"

'I'll stay just out of reach and make HIM work for it for a change..."

"...almost there..."

"...ahhh! Yeah, right there!"

"I'm spent!"
=) ~A


  1. Was that Mr. Lucy on the scratching post?

  2. Haha. It is funny how similar Titus looks to Mr. Lucy!