Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yard buddies

I came across these pictures as I was perusing my photos and thought I'd share. Reese sure enjoyed stalking around the old backyard with Titus one April afternoon when we were having a beautiful spring about 3 years ago! She kept a really close eye on him and pretended to just be smelling the flowers, like he was, so he wouldn't suspect anything. ;-}

"What are YOU doing out here?"
"You just go about your business, I'll keep watch."
"Did you find something good and stinky?"
"Really? Do I HAVE to suffer the indignity of this mutt as a babysitter?"
Reese: "Did you hear that?!" Titus: "Yeah, whatev."
"Oooh, what did you find?! Is it stinky?!"
"Keep walkin cat."
"Mom, can I please go back inside?"